Are you using the power of your mind to get what you want ?

Evolution is a gentle wave of change, as humans we have passed through five evolutionary stages, the sixth is long overdue, we have been Homo Sapiens for around 180,000 years. The evolution has started to Homo Conscious, an improved species more insightful “Tuned in” and more capable of getting what one mindfully wants.

Question, are you part of this evolution or are you in the tail end of evolutionary stage 5

Ask yourself these three simple questions;

How many brains do I have ?

Am I writing my own future ?

Am I on autopilot ?

If you answered;


“Not really others are”


then unfortunately you are not, but you can be, you deserve to be, see how by watching this webinar titled “Using The Power Of Your Mind To Get What You Want” There are no gimmicks, the webinar is based on science and bio science in an easy and fun way to understand and follow so you can learn, understand and then effectively use the fascinating structure and power of the tool you have within, your Mind……

This is what people said after experiencing the webinar;

I recommend this for eveyone
Eveyone needs to se this webinar
Watch it, its worth your time

The webinar is 100 minutes.

No camera on you, just watch, listen and enjoy. Suitable for family watching age16 up.

There is no catch, its £3.00, simply CLICK HERE to choose Tuesday or Wednesday at 7.30pm Uk time to join the webinar or e mail me at

Use the full power of your mind

“Understanding gives solace and solace leads to greater understanding”

Martin Opne4, Engineer

“In a time of change, learners inherit the earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists”

Eric Hoffer, Author

Its time the Basal Paradigm Shift

Interesting times

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