The Principle of Purpose

The Principle of Purpose

as it applies to organic Beings, Entities and Structures.

The Principle of Purpose states there can only be one “Purpose” if maximum effect is expected. Of course, other and many objectives can stem or flow from a Purpose.

Quantifying Purpose

where   Purpose = Energy + Pull factor

Symbol for purpose is OPNE, phonetically pronounced “Op nee”

Energy being a vector quantity can grow or diminish and can have an effect. In Purpose it is a driver. Without Energy a Purpose cannot be achieved.

The Pull factor is something that attracts the Being or Entity to the Purpose or holds the Being or Entity or Structure to the Purpose, it is the “Binding” element within the Purpose. And when added to the Energy provides a directional element.

Without a Pull factor Energy simply exists and does not bind to a Purpose.

Without Energy a Pull factor simply exists (perhaps in the form of a need) but cannot alone materialise a Purpose.

A Purpose requires both Energy and a Pull factor to exist.

A Purpose always translates into an outcome because of the Pull factor. However, the magnitude of the outcome, be it full realisation of the Purpose or nothing or something in between, is defined by both the magnitude of the Energy and the Pull factor.

The amplitude of a Purpose may vary during its lifetime as individually or both amplitudes of Energy and the Pull factor vary. But the sum of the amplitude of Energy and Pull factor always equal the amplitude of the Purpose.

The life of the Purpose therefore starts when there is both Energy and a Pull factor and ends when either Energy or the Pull factor or both no longer exist.

If there is no Purpose there is no outcome.

If a Purpose ends then the outcome caused and derived from it during its life begins to breakdown and will eventually end, unless subjected to the reappearance of the Purpose or a new Purpose.

The Principle of Purpose as it applies to organic Beings, Entities and Structures requires a level of consciousness although Purpose is no less likely to be stronger or weaker in magnitude and or amplitude for a higher level or lower level of consciousness or in self evidencing organisms.

Consideringt he principle of Purpose

A Being, Entity or Structure can wittingly or unwittingly exist with more than one Purpose however in some ratio two Purpose will share the Energy, add more Purposes and the energy is further shared. Too many Purposes inexorably leads to destruction or at the very least significant limitation in achieving fully the outcomes expected from any and all of the Purposes. Should a Purpose end through fulfillment or destruction the Energy maybe transferred to another Purpose or transferred away altogether.

When a Purpose is strong and the amplitude of Energy and Pull factor are high the components assembled to deliver the Purpose are most likely to be in sync and add to the amplitude of Energy making the desired outcome from the Purpose highly likely. The opposite is true if the Purpose is weak.

The Purpose of self evidencing beings

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