Using The Power Of Your Mind

Using The Power Of Your Mind

To Get What You Want

Use the full power of your mind

Sounds simple and obvious……

But the fascinating reality is a majority of people go about their day, their family life, their work, their personal development, their wealth management on auto pilot guided by beliefs and habits learnt many years back. This is not surprising because it is how our brain works, even though it is an organic processing power house it is a tool of singular focus, so the autopilot capability allows for simultaneous actions to be carried out without conscious attention, for example driving a car while talking to a passenger, breathing while watching a film…

And what is even more intriguing is most of us never received any training or advice on how to engage and use our Mind effectively

“Did you?


“You did not!”

I did not, yet slowly over four decades working all over the world listening and watching I believe I have pieced together the fundamentals needed bringing them together in an off line workshop or webinar format. There are no gimmicks, the workshop or webinar is based on science and bio science in an easy and fun way to understand and follow, so anyone can then effectively and deliberately use the fascinating structure and power of the tool we have within, our Mind…

This is what people said after experiencing the webinar;

Eveyone needs to se this webinar
Watch it, its worth your time
OPNE4 using the power of your Mind

requires understanding, training and practice

What you will get from the webinar or wrokshop

OPNE4 workshop Using The Power of Your Mind - Objectives

Suitable for individuals, business teams, family learning age 13 up.

What you think and focus on determines the outcome

If you are intrigued and interested in organizing a workrkshop or webinar for your colleagues, friends or just you? Please message me at

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Open your Mind


Coaching to use the full power of your Mind

Daily consciously using the power of your Mind changes everything, please don’t go through life and miss out…


evolution in ones life comes from within

If this is you? You really can and very simply do something about it


The brain is a processing power house

The human brain is a powerhouse of processing ability, the human Mind needs to be trained to use it effectively…


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