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Coaching focused on immediate success in

Value Selling

Value Selling coaching is focused on individuals and teams working in the B2B arena looking for an immediate 15% to 20% plus improvement in performance.

The coaching comprises of an online workshop and in field implementation support. It is precisely built around your business, your needs and the outcomes you and your organisation want.

There are no gimmicks, we focus on the individuals and the team’s sales skills and strategies, filling in the gaps, tuning them up for peak performance and making sure their process is focused and joined up. And importantly we teach them to effectively feed themselves to over perform, ending the phrase “We don’t get enough leads from Marketing” ……

This Coaching program is Accredited by John Jarman of On Target Plus

“In a time of change, learners inherit the earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists”

Eric Hoffer, Author


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Coaching Sales Professionals

We believe our Value Selling coaching program is unique in two ways;

(1) It draws on our experiences as salespeople over 25 years working in the UK, Ireland, USA, Europe, Middle East, India, Asia Pacific and China – one learns a massive amount from observing and working in such diverse markets, elements of which we bring to bear in tuning up sales people

(2) We take time to study how the people we agree to coach actually work today. We then focus the training specifically on their needs as individuals, as a team and within their organisation.

Some of the sales teams who have benefited from our coaching program include;

DMG Mori


Tinius Olsen

Hexagon Metrology

If you think we can help your sales team or you as a sales person change up a gear expecting to improve your numbers by at least 15%, contact

Value Selling for On Target Plus

Our coaching workshop is now available as an online program.

Coaching is not mystical its a science

Coaching in pursuit of optimum performance, tuning skills and well being is normal in sport, yet in business and beyond working on autopilot and simply being managed seems strangely good enough!

Being coached, even for a while, is transformative. For a business the ROI can be clearly defined from the outset for both teams and individuals, beyond that the well being benefits are significant.

Asking for coaching or offering coaching to an individual or team is not an omission of failure, it’s about tuning up, investing in pursuit of higher performance, optimising skills and resources, helping individuals and teams to be effective and in control of the outcomes ……..

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